Current Research

  • Ultimate Fate of Pacific Salmon Bycatch

    Ultimate Fate of Pacific Salmon Bycatch

    Pacific Northwest, North America

    My PhD research investigates the ultimate fitness consequences of handling and release for Pacific salmon bycatch in Canada’s Pacific Northwest to inform best practices for marine and riverine fisheries. For this, I jointly belong to Carleton University’s Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology Laboratory and the University of British Columbia’s Pacific Salmon Ecology and Conservation Laboratory. This work is principally funded by NSERC and the Pacific Salmon Commission.

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  • Reef to Aquarium: Tracing the Tropical Fish Trade

    Reef to Aquarium: Tracing the Tropical Fish Trade

    Indonesia and the Philippines, Southeast Asia

    Here, I have teamed up with fellow National Geographic Young Explorers Mikayla Wujec, Caleb Kruse, and Shannon Switzer Swanson. We are tracking aquarium fish, like the famed Nemo and Dory, over their journey from their native habitat in Indonesia and the Philippines to aquariums in the United States. In 2017, we will launch an online interactive map of this journey, along with a documentary film by filmmaker Justin DeShields.

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