Andrea is a fish biologist, diver, and conservationist. Her research blends ecology, physiology, and sociology to study stressed-out fish and fisheries across the globe: East Africa; Southeast Asia; Oceania; and the Pacific Northwest. She mixes quantitative and qualitative methods to holistically approach fish conservation and management. She holds a BSc in Environmental Science and MSc in Biology, both from McGill University. For her PhD in Biology at Carleton University and the University of British Columbia, she has been awarded a NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship and a Royal Canadian Geographical Society Graduate Research Scholarship in support of her work on Pacific salmon bycatch. She engages Indigenous community members as active research participants and is a member of the northern, coastal Nisga’a Nation.


  • PhD 2015-Present

    Doctor of Philosophy in Biology

    Carleton and University of British Columbia

  • MSc 2010-2012

    Master of Science in Biology

    McGill University

  • BSc Hons 2005-2009

    Bachelor of Science in Environment

    McGill University


  • 20202019

    Course Instructor

    Carleton University

  • Present2011


    National Geographic Society

  • Present2011

    Teaching Assistant

    McGill & Carleton University

  • 20142013

    Graduate Research Assistant

    McGill University

Selected Grants and Awards

  • 2018
    Royal Canadian Geographical Society Research Grant
    Project — “Emerging threats in an ancient context: Indigenous elder perspectives on future Pacific salmon management”

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  • 2018
    Leo Margolis Scholarship for Fisheries Research
    Project — “Interactive stressor effects of infectious disease, climate change, and fisheries capture on the fate of Pacific salmon bycatch”

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  • 2017-2018
    NSERC Aboriginal Ambassador Awards
    Project 1 — “Salmon Science Camp in Gingolx, British Columbia”

    Project 2 — “Multistakeholder presentation series in the Nass River Valley, British Columbia”

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  • 2017
    Peter A Larkin Award for Excellence in Fisheries
    Project — “Interactive stressor effects of infectious disease, climate change, and fisheries capture on the fate of Pacific salmon bycatch”

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  • 2011-2017
    National Geographic Explorers Grants
    Project 1 — “Reef to aquarium: tracing the tropical fish trade”

    Project 2 — “Navigating the bumpy road to conservation: a case study of bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum) in no-take marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Solomon Islands”

    Project 3 — “Hide and seek: predicting the optimal refuge for endemic fishes from an invasive predator in the Lake Victoria basin”

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  • 2010-2018
    NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships
    Project 1 — “Interactive effects of aquatic hypoxia and thermal stress on fish respiratory performance”

    Project 2 – “Socioecological determinants of group size in black and white colobus monkeys”

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