Andrea Reid is an Indigenous fisheries scientist and conservation biologist based in Canada.

Andrea combines ecological and social science methodologies, adopting an integrative approach to complex fisheries questions. She belongs to the Nisga’a Nation on British Columbia’s North Coast and has significant experience with Indigenous fisheries communities, practices, perspectives and issues in British Columbia as well as around the world (East Africa, Oceania and Southeast Asia).

Andrea holds a B.Sc. in Environment and a M.Sc. in Biology from McGill University. She is co-supervised between Carleton University and the University of British Columbia for her Ph.D. in Biology centered on Pacific salmon fisheries and conservation. Her research and outreach are supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the National Geographic Society.


Spring 2019:

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  • PhD 2015-Present

    Doctor of Philosophy in Biology

    Carleton and University of British Columbia

  • MSc 2010-2012

    Master of Science in Biology

    McGill University

  • BSc Hons 2005-2009

    Bachelor of Science in Environment

    McGill University


  • 20202019

    Course Instructor

    Carleton University

  • Present2011


    National Geographic Society

  • Present2011

    Teaching Assistant

    McGill & Carleton University

  • 20142013

    Graduate Research Assistant

    McGill University

Selected Grants and Awards

  • 2011-2019
    National Geographic Explorers Grants
    Project 1 — “Reef to aquarium: tracing the tropical fish trade”

    Project 2 — “Navigating the bumpy road to conservation: a case study of bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum) in no-take marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Solomon Islands”

    Project 3 — “Hide and seek: predicting the optimal refuge for endemic fishes from an invasive predator in the Lake Victoria basin”

    Project 4 – “Riparia: empowering the next generation of female science ambassadors”

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  • 2018
    Royal Canadian Geographical Society Research Grant
    Project — “Emerging threats in an ancient context: Indigenous elder perspectives on future Pacific salmon management”

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  • 2018
    Leo Margolis Scholarship for Fisheries Research
    Project — “Interactive stressor effects of infectious disease, climate change, and fisheries capture on the fate of Pacific salmon bycatch”

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  • 2017-2018
    NSERC Aboriginal Ambassador Awards
    Project 1 — “Salmon Science Camp in Gingolx, British Columbia”

    Project 2 — “Multistakeholder presentation series in the Nass River Valley, British Columbia”

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  • 2017
    Peter A Larkin Award for Excellence in Fisheries
    Project — “Interactive stressor effects of infectious disease, climate change, and fisheries capture on the fate of Pacific salmon bycatch”

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  • 2010-2018
    NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships
    Project 1 — “Interactive effects of aquatic hypoxia and thermal stress on fish respiratory performance”

    Project 2 – “Socioecological determinants of group size in black and white colobus monkeys”

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